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Join Mary DeMuth and Allison Bottke for a LIVE Webinar on Wed. Oct. 9 from 7-8 PM (CST) – How to Heal Violated Boundaries After Sexual Abuse



In February of 2013, Mary DeMuth wrote a blog post that touched a nerve in readers around the world. Her post, “The Sexy Wife I Can’t Be,” went viral and sparked an outpouring of comments and responses. The post was based on her experience and perspective of being sexually abused as a little girl—of having her boundaries violated in a way that changed the course of her entire life. This post has become the foundation of a powerful new book by Mary titled: Not Marked.

Join Mary and me online (or via your phone) this Wednesday, October 9 from 7-8 PM (CST) as we talk about how to create healthy boundaries as a sexual abuse survivor. You must register for this FREE WEBINAR in order to receive the Dial-in Number and access code PIN.

Mary says…

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