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Screenshot 01 - Things to Stop  Things to Stop, Starting Now

For parents who are struggling to set healthy boundaries with adult children, this list of 12 Things to Stop, Starting Now can begin the journey to SANITY! Click on the text link or the photo to download the FREE PDF now.



Screebshot 02 - How We Can StopHow We Can Stop

Also for struggling parents, learn the three areas we need to concentrate on to set healthy boundaries with our adult children:

1. How We Can Stop

2. What We Need to Know

3. What We Need to Do


Screenshot 03 - Stop the Insanity and Implement a Plan of ActionStop the Insanity and Implement a Plan of Action

The Six Steps to SANITY remain the same in any boundary-challenged relationship. See why the “I” Step in SANITY is so critical to any lasting change.




The SANITY Support Creed & Steps Screenshot 04 - The SANITY Support Creed & Steps

The hallmark of SANITY is the SANITY Support Creed and the Six-Steps. No matter what the challenging issues may be, if you are living on a gerbil wheel of insanity there are six things you can begin doing right now to find SANITY in life! There are six life-changing tools that will help you get off the wheel of insanity, begin to set healthy boundaries, and start living the kind of life God wants you to live! SANITY is possible, and I want to help you find it! Download this vital resource now.




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