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Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children ………………………..Study Guide and Leader Guide Available

Since the first book in the Setting Boundaries series was published, countless men and women around the world have participated in the 6-Steps to SANITY and 12-Weeks to Freedom program to learn how to set healthy boundaries with their adult children. Our STUDY GUIDE and LEADER GUIDE will help you plan, organize and develop a SANITY Support Group in your community! Study Guides may be purchased individually, but you’ll want to take advantage of the 10% discount when you order the Study Guide in groups of five.

SANITY Support Study Guide Covers

Discover what literally thousands of participants around the world have discovered … SANITY is possible, and it starts here!

The SANITY Support STUDY GUIDE is a 12-week spiral bound study guide in vibrant full-color, based on the best selling book: Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children, Six Steps to Hope and Healing for Struggling Parents. This curriculum can be followed in any number of settings, including home, church, and business environments.


To be used in conjunction with the STUDY GUIDE, we also have a fabulous LEADER GUIDE that contains everything you need to plan, organize and facilitate the 6-Steps to SANITY and 12-weeks to Freedom program in your local community or church. 





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Leader Guide = $9.95 Member Guide = $24.95 (See special pricing BELOW for groups of five or more!)

Leader Guide Combo = $33.00 (1 Leader Guide & 1 Study Guide) SAVE 5%

Small Group Package 5 = $127.00 (1 Leader Guide & 5 Study Guides) SAVE 5%

Small Group Package 10 = $246.40 (1 Leader Guide & 10 Study Guides) SAVE 5%

Small Group Package 20 = $492.95  (2 Leader Guides & 20 Study Guides) SAVE 5%

Study Guide Package 5 = $118.50 (5 Study Guides) SAVE 5%

.Study Guide Package 10 = $237.00 (10 Study Guides) SAVE 5%

Study Guide Package 20 = $470.00 (20 Study Guides) SAVE 5%




SANITY Support Study Guide curriculum and Leader Guides are also in development for additional books in the popular Setting Boundaries series and will be available soon. Next up; Setting Boundaries with Difficult People, followed by Setting Boundaries with Food.


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