SANITY Support FAQ’s

What Setting Boundaries topics are being addressed in SANITY Support Groups?

SANITY Support products will (eventually) be available for readers of all the published books in the Setting Boundaries book series:

Setting Boundaries with Adult Children (2008)
Setting Boundaries with Aging Parents (2010)
Setting Boundaries with Difficult People (2011)
Setting Boundaries with Food (2012)

How do I locate a SANITY Support Group in my community?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the technical ability or manpower to track where SANITY Support Groups are meeting around the country. However, we know that groups are indeed meeting, as we hear regularly from members.

Make sure to visit our Latest News page to subscribe to the blog and/or this online publication. We would also like to encourage you to consider starting a SANITY Support Group yourself, it’s easier than you think to bring SANITY to your community. If you’ve read any of the books in the series, you know that the “T” in finding SANITY is to, “TRUST the Voice of the Spirit.” If you feel God leading you toward SANITY Support, please pray about starting a group.

How do I start a SANITY Support Group in my home, church, or community?

The main requirement of a SANITY Support Group Leader volunteer is a heart to help people find hope, healing and freedom from the crippling epidemic of unhealthy boundaries, followed by a willingness to commit to facilitating the group for 12-weeks.

SANITY Support Group Leaders may be parents, grandparents, men, women, married, or single. They may be stay-at-home moms or licensed counselors or therapists. They may be pastors, business professionals, or blue-collar workers. SANITY Support Group Leaders are compassionate volunteers who have been touched by one of the books in the Setting Boundaries series and feel in their heart and soul this is something they have been called to do for this season—for such a time as this.

A SANITY Support 12-week program for the adult children book is now available, just click on the image below to find product and ordering information. Developed to encourage group members to apply the lessons taught in the books, the main goal is to nurture fellowship and mutually support one another on the journey.

Your group can consist of two, twenty, or more people, and can be held in your home, church, business, storefront, school, or local community center.

Using the copy of the Setting Boundaries book you already have, all you will need is the SANITY Support Companion Study Guide. Available now!  Click on the image below.


Sanity Support Cover

Can I join an existing SANITY Support Group at any time?

This will be up to the discretion of the SANITY Support Group Leader who is hosting the group in your community. It may be difficult to catch-up if you come into the 12-week group late.

What do group members need in order to participate?

1. A willingness to make life-changing SANITY choices.

2. A belief in God.

3. A public or private invitation from the SANITY Support Group Leader who will be hosting the 12-week program. (Or, you can start your own group!)

4. Your own copy of the Setting Boundaries book being featured in your particular group. (Books can be purchased at any Christian or secular bookstore or online at or

5. Your own original copy of the COMPANION STUDY GUIDE.


Must I be a Christian to lead a group or participate as a member?

I invite people of all faiths and denominations to find hope and healing in my Setting Boundaries books and products. However, it’s important to know that my perspective is unapologetically from a Christian worldview. I believe a critical part of any enduring solution is a firm trust in God. He knows our pain and problems, and He has provided a way of hope and healing that I have incorporated into all Setting Boundaries books and programs.

I’m starting a SANITY Support Group, is there someone I should inform?

Yes! Let Allison know by posting something on our Facebook Community page.




Or send her an email to: