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Phone in HandIN CRISIS? If you and/or a loved one are in a crisis situation and you need immediate assistance please call your local emergency number or the mental health crisis hotline listed in your local phone book.

Please understand that we are not a counseling service and we are unable to respond to phone messages about specific issues related to your personal situation. We encourage you to contact a local Christian Counselor or Therapist to address specific critical needs.

Allison reads all of her mail. However, she now receives so much correspondence that she regrets she is unable to personally respond to it. Because much of the mail and email she receives are questions about how to set a specific boundary or apply one of the Six Steps to SANITY, she has begun to post Q&A on her Facebook Author Page. For inspiring messages and current “real time” responses, you can click on the Facebook icon on the right and “Like” her page. Starting in 2014, many questions will also be answered on Allison’s SANITY Support blog. Send Allison your message now by completing the short form below.*

* When submitting a message to Allison, you grant permission for her to respond via email, on Facebook, or on her blog. Your question will be anonymous, and your name, location, and personal identifiable information will never be shared publicly.


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